Who is @FakeNoynoy?

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, although anyone who’s been the subject of a Twitter parody account might not necessarily agree. This is just one of those.

It does appear to be active at this time with tweets that are about to reach  about 17k followers, and with almost 700 tweets, there’s plenty to catch up on. The most recent is:

The last post gives us an answer to this blog. How? All you need to do is look up the foursquare activity and it shows you:

There you go. I thought.. He’s kinda cute. At least he didn’t look as bad as I imagined. I said, now this guy is a genius. I wondered if he had a witty Twitter of his own and he does. So if you tick on the Twitter button from foursquare..

Here’s our guy. I’m sure he could have more followers on here. I know he’s got a lot of interesting things to say.

Found. Mission accomplished.

This is one of the those interesting parody accounts, but if you’re easily offended, however, it won’t appeal to you.

Disclaimer: If you’re thinking of putting together your own parody account, be sure to read Twitter’s guidelines first to make sure you’re not in violating of the site’s terms.


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